Texas Keeper No. 1 is our flagship cider. It’s crafted from 3-12 apple varieties fermented individually and blended to build a well-balanced, dry cider with notes of ripe pear and melon, subtle rosewater and honeysuckle, with a crisp green apple finish. We ferment the apple varieties in small lots (~300 gallons) on heavy lees to increase fermentation nutrition and add complexity. We try our hardest to keep the ferments cool during fermentation with temperatures peaking at 56F. This cool, long fermentation helps preserve delicate fruit esters. No oak is generally used – we wanted to present the delicacy of the fruit. The ferments for No.1 are racked off heavy lees following fermentation and aged for at least six months on light lees with occasional batonnage. We allow the lots to go through spontaneous malolactic fermentation, which helps soften and broaden the palate of the final blend. The cider is unfiltered in order to keep as much of the complexity intact. We feel a light carbonation best suits Texas Keeper Cider.