2021 Cider Noir is the first blending of Noir to be 100% oak and barrel aged.  It’s a true non vintage cider, with apples coming from the  2018, 2019, and 2020 growing seasons. 25% of the cider was aged for multiple years in Ex-Chardonnay/Ex-Moonlight barrels; 25% in Ex-bourbon and Ex-Rye barrels; and 50% was aged for 6 months on new French Oak.  The color comes from  double fermentation with extra dark Belgian Candi made from beet and date sugars.  We steeped the final cider with Texas pecans for a week before bottling. The result is a rich cider with notes of dark fruit, vanilla, ripe pear and soft tannins on the finish.  A stout and creamy 11.1% ABV.