TX Cuvée is made from three beautiful heirloom apple varieties grown in a small orchard in the High Plains of Texas. Winesap’s origin is lost to history but is a prized cider variety known for its vinous character. Arkansas Black (~1850) hails from its namesake state; deep crimson to jet black, the apple is known for its cherry characteristic. Cortland, first grown 125 years, ago brings lovely floral notes. 

We pressed these small lots in the winter of 2021 and fall of 2021. Slow rolling pressing and fermentation yielded a soft cider with notes of tropical fruit and gentle acidity. Half the cider went through malolactic fermentation. Aged in neutral tanks. The resulting cider is delicate and soft with notes of agarita blossom, close and honey on the nose with lychee and caramelized pear on the palate. 

Apples Used: Winesap, Arkansas Black, Cortland
Residual Sugar: 3.5g/L
ABV: 8.4%