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HONEY THIEF Release (2 Ways!)

Texas Keeper Cider 12521 Twin Creeks Rd, Manchaca

We'll have our cyser (honey and cider co-ferment) Honey Thief for you two ways this year: first, our 2021 vintage made with Rome Beauty, Granny Smith, Fuji and Honeycrisp apples, double-fermented with Goodflow Texas honey, then backsweetened with the honey from our estate hives, which are lovingly maintained by local beekeeping extraordinaires, Two Hives Honey. Second, an Estate Cyser (honey used is all from our hives), aged two years in ex-Pinot Noir barrel, 11% and only 22 cases

LIVE MUSIC: Jade & The Foxtones

Texas Keeper Cider 12521 Twin Creeks Rd, Manchaca

The Foxtones is an Austin-based six-piece neo-soul band - we like to say we're R&B with a sprinkle of Funk. Brass, rhythm, and vocal pyrotechnics combine to create a soulful and distinctive sound guaranteed to make you groove.

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