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  • This is Texas Keeper's take on a fruited cider - a blend of four apple varieties aged 6 months on lees and then double fermented with sour cherries. We finished the cider dry to bring out the complexity of the cherries and avoid the pitfalls of too-sweet cherry ciders. The result is a cider with honeyed cherry on the nose, ripe apricot and nectarine on the palate, and a gentle, tart finish. Apples: 41% Rome Beauty, 30% Piñata, 29% RI Greening; Cherries: 50% Montmorency, 50% Balaton; Residual Sugar: 4.8g/L Contains Sulfited
  • 100% Cortland apples, a US variety first grown 120 years ago. Aged 8 months on lees to increase complexity. Notes of light citrus blossom on the nose, mellowed honeyed apricot on the palate. Floral, soft, perfect to leave semi-dry. Pair with Texas summers, grilled fish and light, vegetable pastas. 750ml bottle. 7% ABV. Residual Sugar 11 g/L (medium-dry)
  • Golden Russet is a classic American cider apple variety. Originating in upstate New York in the early 19th century, the exact parentage is unknown. Our 2020 Golden Russet was aged for 12 months in neutral tanks. It carries notes of papaya, kiwifruit, and ripe nectarine on the nose, and leads with pear and nectarine on the palate with a subtle flinty finish. Residual sugar, nil. ABV 8.5%
  • The 2019 crop of GoldRush was true to form, with a crisp, citrus quality during pressing.  We selected a combination of yeast strains to help round and soften the palate. Aged on lees to increase texture and to bring out toasted notes, this combination brought a hint of the creaminess of lemon meringue pie to the tart grapefruit and Meyer lemon.  It’s our citrus sketch, perfect for pairing with a variety of cheeses and desserts. 750ml Bottle Residual Sugar: 14 g/L ABV: 7.5%
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    Apples and grapes, fermented together. The Grafter Series is all about crafting unique ciders made from heirloom apples and vintage wine grapes. For this year’s Rosé we combined Rome Beauty apples (first planted 1817) with Texas-grown Dolcetto grapes. The result is a beautifully rounded cider with notes of ripe raspberry, peaches and cream, and a crisp stone-fruit finish. 91% Rome Beauty apples; 9% Dolcetto grapes Residual Sugar: 2 g/L; Cases Produced 700; Alc/Vol; 8.1%
  • Heirloom is blended from four American heirloom apples and a small lot of Bittersweets. Rhode Island Greening, the second oldest apple grown in the US dating from 1650, lends notes of subtle grapefruit. Ben Davis (~1811) contributes ripe pear and spice, Baldwin (~1740) brings lovely soft acidity and a hint of stone fruit and the Bittersweets contribute delicate tannins. Heirloom was aged on medium toast French Oak contributing structure and a hint of vanilla to this exceptional cider.
  • *Ciderweizen* is back in a larger bottle and more appropriately named! Dry hopped and dry spiced with the same hops and spices as a hefeweizen, HOPFEN has all the flavor and none of the gluten.
  • Texas Keeper No. 1 is our flagship cider. It’s crafted from 3-12 apple varieties fermented individually and blended to build a well-balanced, dry cider with notes of ripe pear and melon, subtle rosewater and honeysuckle, with a crisp green apple finish. We ferment the apple varieties in small lots (~300 gallons) on heavy lees to increase fermentation nutrition and add complexity. We try our hardest to keep the ferments cool during fermentation with temperatures peaking at 56F. This cool, long fermentation helps preserve delicate fruit esters. No oak is generally used – we wanted to present the delicacy of the fruit. The ferments for No.1 are racked off heavy lees following fermentation and aged for at least six months on light lees with occasional batonnage. We allow the lots to go through spontaneous malolactic fermentation, which helps soften and broaden the palate of the final blend. The cider is unfiltered in order to keep as much of the complexity intact. We feel a light carbonation best suits Texas Keeper Cider.
  • 2021 Cider Noir is the first blending of Noir to be 100% oak and barrel aged.  It's a true non vintage cider, with apples coming from the  2018, 2019, and 2020 growing seasons. 25% of the cider was aged for multiple years in Ex-Chardonnay/Ex-Moonlight barrels; 25% in Ex-bourbon and Ex-Rye barrels; and 50% was aged for 6 months on new French Oak.  The color comes from  double fermentation with extra dark Belgian Candi made from beet and date sugars.  We steeped the final cider with Texas pecans for a week before bottling. The result is a rich cider with notes of dark fruit, vanilla, ripe pear and soft tannins on the finish.  A stout and creamy 11.1% ABV.


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